“The book of Proverbs presents many great truths, but the challenge to anyone studying these teachings is trying to form them into some cohesive workable mode for presentation. In Wisdom’s Call we find material outlined in an excellent manner for teaching or preaching. This material is as well organized as any this writer has seen on the book of Proverbs. Its strength lies in groupings and lists. Whether it’s the listing of the six characteristics in ‘Who is A Fool?’ scattered throughout Proverbs or ‘Opposites,’ where Kizer masterfully and simply explains Hebrew parallelism and gives us seven delightful examples, the author’s approach is both biblical and usable.” -Dale Jenkins

Make Your Stand is a study of contemporary issues that teens face on a daily basis.  It prepares young Christians to overcome the challenges in their lives so that they may be examples to those around them.

“It is sufficiently deep to challenge teenagers’ thinking, and yet practical enough to hold their attention. Young people–as well as their parents, leaders, and Bible class teachers–will find this book to be an invaluable resource.” -Chuck Webster

Study the cross like you never have before–through the eyes of those who were there. The Cast of the Cross approaches Calvary from thirteen different perspectives. Peter, John, Mary, Pilate, and Joseph–they are all there. The reader is guaranteed to find new insights that will strengthen his faith.

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  1. Zbrown says:

    Love Wisdom’s Call, is book available for download anywhere?

  2. Drew says:

    Sorry, no downloads. But if you click any of the thumbnails, you will be led to a web site where you can place an order online.

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