Cameron/Comfort to Debate Atheists on ABC

Written by Drew on May 7th, 2007

ABC has announced that it will feature a debate between actor Kirk Cameron and evangelist Ray Comfort on Wednesday, May 9. The debate will be broadcast on at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern time); later that evening excerpts will be shown on ABC’s news program Nightline.

Cameron and Comfort assert that they can prove God’s existence scientifically, without mentioning faith or the Bible.

It is strange that, out of all the renowned theists in the world, this opportunity has been granted to Kirk Cameron, the actor who starred in several movies connected with the Left Behind series. I’m hoping his arguments are more logical than his end-time scenarios.

Also, it will be interesting to find out who Cameron and Comfort will be debating. That important piece of information was left out of the press release.

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  1. Bobby says:

    Interesting. Kirk Cameron has become a good communicator of Gospel truths over the last few years. Kirk and Ray have also made sure to point to the Bible as the source of truth in this world. They still deny the essentiality of baptism however . . .

    Should be an interesting debate.

  2. Matt Dowling says:

    Hi Drew,

    I got a chance to catch part of the debate on YouTube last night and it was less than stellar. The atheist debaters are from a group called the “Rational Response Squad”. Neither side was impressive, but alas, Cameron and Comfort looked fairly weak in their arguments. The video clip was only about 10 minuted so I can only hope that there is some good stuff that wasn’t shown, otherwise, I have to wonder what possessed the two to try to defend God in such a public arena when they were so woefully unprepared.



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