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Written by Drew on October 17th, 2006

At least one reporter acknowledges the religious arm of atheism.

Rebecca Rosen Lum of the Contra Costa Times reports that atheist groups are on the rise as unbelievers organize themselves in the face of a religious onslaught. These groups have grown by 90 percent over the past six years.

The motive behind organized skepticism seems to be fear, fear of irrelevance, fear of state-sponsored religion, fear of challenges to the god of science.

Lum writes,

…atheism appears to be gaining ground also as a belief, not just a wave of political activism by those who fear the wall between church and state is being disassembled.

Commenting on their core beliefs, Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, says,

Our primary conviction is that there is no supernatural world — there is only one world, the world that is the subject of scientific investigation.

That’s comforting. According to the Church of Skepticism, man is a mistake, a happy accident on the level of a toad. He originated from rocks and dirt, and he will end up where he began. There is no afterlife–no salvation, no heaven, no eternity. This world of suffering is all there is. There is no explanation as to why we are here. We’re just here.

Christianity offers believers life; atheism offers only death. Why are its adherents so militant? What are they fighting for? In their eyes Christians are under a delusion. I disagree. Christianity is based on reasonable faith. But even if we are deluded, isn’t a blissful delusion preferable to blind pessimism?


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  1. almcfaughn says:


    Thanks for continuing to point out the hopeless attitude of atheism.

    Ellen Johnson, Pres. of the American Atheists, is the same woman who blasted George W. Bush in the hours following Hurrican Katrina. She was not upset about the usual stuff we heard about (slowness of response, etc.). Rather, she was livid that Bush asked Americans to pray.

    How pitiful it must be to live without hope.

    As always, great job!


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