Abortion Survivors

Written by Drew on August 9th, 2006

Last night I heard the story of Gianna Jessen through the words of congressman Ted Harvey of the Colorado House of Representatives. It is an amazing testimony to the kind of horrors brought on by abortion. In this country, murdering unborn children is legal due to the successful propaganda of the political left-wing and Supreme Court decisions that have overruled state law.

Jessen was born with cerebral palsy and was not expected to live. Despite all odds, she has learned to cope with her disease and accomplish impressive achievements in the process. Among these is a successful finish in the London Marathon! Truly she is an inspiration to all who struggle with physical disabilities.

Now here’s the shocker: Jessen would not have cerebral palsy if her birth mother had not elected to visit a Planned Parenthood clinic and seek a late-term abortion. A doctor performed a saline abortion on this seventeen-year-old mother. The procedure is designed to bathe the unborn child in salt water, resulting in burning the fetus inside and out. Normally, within 24 hours it produces a still birth.

But not in Gianna Jessen’s case. She was born very much alive. The saline caused a lack of oxygen to her brain, which resulted in cerebral palsy. She lives with the scars of her birth-mother’s decision even today.

Congressman Harvey, who is an ardent pro-life advocate, used Jessen’s story to advantage. The way he manipulated the Colorado Congress on the day they were approving a resolution to honor Planned Parenthood’s 90th anniversery is invigorating for those who are repulsed by the 1.5 million abortions that take place in this nation every year.

God is the giver of life (Acts 17:25), the possessor of all souls (Ezk. 18:4). Therefore only He has the right to decide who will live and who will die. Those who pluck the fruit of the womb and cast it aside as refuse will answer for their sins.


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  1. The Berean Examiner says:

    It is amazing what some people with physical disabilities can do. Did anybody watched the TV show about that.

    Paul had some type of “thorn in the side”. Look at what he did.

    It does not matter what gifts that God gave, God expects you to do the best that you have to work with. I do not remember where I read that in the Bible. Does anybody know what verse I am talking about? After all, I am just a “novice”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A somewhat peevish one, at that.

  3. James Jones says:

    The passage for Paul’s thorn in the flesh is 2 Cor. 12:7-10.
    I am happy to read about her story. We never know what we can accomplish despite hardships. Women who choose to have a child that was conceived from a rape can be great examples of love, mercy, and perseverence. For people to look beyong their struggles towards Heaven is what the Lord wants from all of us (Heb. 12:1-3). If we take the path of least resistance, how much are we missing? I would not say that abortion is the “easy” way out. I have heard too many horror stories about abortion to say it is easy. Why have two terrible experiences (rape + abortion), when you can live with one? If you abort a pregnancy because of rape, you still have the memories, and you will always live with the ‘what ifs’. Drew, thanks for the story. You do an amazing job. I am looking forward to hearing you at the youth ministers retreat at Backwoods.

  4. Drew Kizer says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, James. Regretfully, I’m not going to be able to come to the retreat. There is a conflict due to the scheduling change. I really hate that I’m going to miss it.

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