Boles’s Advice to Preachers

Written by Drew on July 21st, 2006

The November 17, 1977 edition of the Gospel Advocate printed the following advice to preachers, given by former editor, H. Leo Boles (1874-1946).

1. Preach the gospel and live in harmony with its teaching, and you need not defend your character.

2. Heat up the people, but keep your hammer wet and cool. It takes a cold hammer to bend hot iron.

3. A preacher should not scream and bawl out his sentences. Powder is not shot, and thunder is harmless. It is lightning that kills. If you have lightning, you can afford to thunder.

4. Put thought into your sermon. It is true that a pound of feathers is as heavy as a pound of lead, but will not sink as quickly.

5. A preacher should make a few promises and live up to the ones he makes.

6. Keep out of debt, and do not lend more than you are able to lose.

7. Be patient with all men; make friends with children as well as parents.

8. Remember that each sermon may be the last one you will preach, or the last one that some of your hearers will ever hear.

9. Preach in view of the judgment and seek to please God.

10. Let others praise you and refrain from boasting.

Great advice from a man who knew a lot about preaching.


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