Book Review: Wisdom’s Call

Written by Drew on February 1st, 2006

Dale Jenkins has just reviewed my book, Wisdom’s Call, for the Gospel Advocate. I have included the review below. To order, call the Gospel Advocate Bookstores (800.251.8446). Other books published by Riddle Creek are To the Overcomers by Andy Kizer and Make Your Stand, another one by me.

Though hailing itself as a part of the “Equipping Our Teens Series,” it doesn’t take long for the reader to realize that the work Drew Kizer has done in “Wisdom’s Call” is of a class that even a mature Christian needs to swim in. What the young Riddle Creek Publishing is still working toward in packaging they more than make up for in quality. “Wisdom’s Call,” the third off Riddle Creek’s presses, hearkens us to a higher plane of living as it summons up the voice of wisdom from the Old Testament treasure of Proverbs.

The book of Proverbs presents many great truths, but the challenge to anyone studying these teachings is trying to form them into some cohesive workable mode for presentation. In “Wisdom’s Call” we find material outlined in an excellent manner for teaching or preaching. This material is as well organized as any this writer has seen on the book of Proverbs. Its strength lies in groupings and lists. Whether it’s the listing of the six characteristics in “Who is A Fool?” scattered throughout Proverbs or “Opposites,” where Kizer masterfully and simply explains Hebrew parallelism and gives us seven delightful examples, the author’s approach is both biblical and useable. Other “grouping” chapters like “The Power of the Tongue” and “How to Deal with an Enemy” are equally insightful. These truths are so robed as to draw the reader along making him want to emulate the good. Kizer also plays on the wise men’s own lists with chapters like: “Seven Things the Lord Hates;” “Small But Wise” and “A Virtuous Woman.”

While the questions that close each chapter might need updating for study in an adult class, you’ll delight in this book regardless of your age. Buy it for your teenager or teen class, but while buying, get a copy for yourself too – you’ll be glad you did.

-Dale Jenkins, Nashville, TN


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  1. J-Train says:

    Congrats Drew! That was a really nice review. I may have to actually read it now.

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