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Written by Drew on January 11th, 2006

A new publication called Think came across my desk today. I almost pitched it into the trash because it looked like the colorful, eye-catching drivel I usually get from leadership seminars or denominational publishing houses. But when I turned it over and saw Brad Harrub’s name, I gave it a second look.

As it turned out, Think is a refreshing attempt to put doctrinally sound, spiritually enriching material into the hands of the public. It is co-edited by Brad Harrub, who is also on the staff of Apologetics Press, and Jim Palmer. The editors write,

Each month this magazine will tackle current topics–topics with which christians often struggle. The magazine will deal with “In-the-News” topics such as the stem cell debate, intellligent design, cloning, abortion, homosexuality, fertility practices, and other social issues. And while we desire to be an excellent educational resource for the brotherhood in a stand for Truth, we also ohope to provide a spark of fire, a breath of fresh air, and a reminder for the reasons Christians should rejoice in hope of eternity.

In addition to the two editors, authors in the first issue include Phil Sanders, Wayne Jackson, Dewayne Bryant, Ginger Young, Bill Watkins, Eric Lyons, Rebecca Rushmore, Irene C. Taylor, and Cindy Palmer. Regular features will include “Faith and Finance,” “Digging for Truth” (an archeology report), “A Woman’s Perspective,” “In the News,” and “Train and Nurture.” For subscription information, go here.

The editors were smart to hire professionals to handle the design of their publication. Too often, brotherhood publications try to cut costs using homemade artwork or Microsoft clipart. The result is usually a visually-awkward product that fails to meet its potential. Think looks good. In fact, it’s the best looking periodical the church of Christ has ever produced.

Think is just one of the products of Focus Press, founded by Harrub and Palmer and overseen by the elders of the Woodson Chapel church of Christ in Nashville, Tenneesee. Focus Press was established “to encourage men, women, and children to train their minds to meditate on that which is good.” Its motto is “renew your mind” (cf. Rom. 12:2). Be looking for books, tracts, home schooling material, and DVDs from this non-profit work, in addition to the magazine.


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