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Written by Drew on September 20th, 2005

One of my objectives in setting up this web site was to create an online forum for preachers, teachers, and Bible students. Hopefully the articles are interesting, but I don’t have all the answers. The site improves when visitors contribute their own thoughts and findings through the “comments” feature, located at the bottom of each post.

Thanks to Jason Jarrett, we no longer have to deal with the pop-up windows while checking for comments. Jason helped me design the comments to peek out from below the articles when the “comments” link is clicked. Click it again and they disappear.

If you want to write a new comment, you still must use the pop-up window. Just click “comments,” and then “post a comment.”

Sometimes a visitor wants to share a web page with others that pertains to one of the articles. While it is fine to simply spell out the url in a comment, it is also possible to employ tags to directly link a highlighted portion of your comment to the web page. Say you want to your text to look like this:

Wayne Jackson writes a helpful article on singing psalms. It strengthened my opinion that we ought to be singing in worship more of the songs sung by our young people in their youth devotionals.

The idea is for “singing psalms” to take the reader directly to Jackson’s article on Christian Courier. In order to do this you must use anchor tags to link your text to the desired page. For step by step instructions on how to do this, click here.

All comments are welcome. I do have the ability to delete unwanted comments. But I’ll only do that as a last resort. My goal is to provide a place where Bible students can make contributions and freely discuss their thoughts and opinions on the matters being presented.


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