Hurricane Katrina: More Ways to Help

Written by Drew on September 5th, 2005

This week the Ashville Road church of Christ is collecting supplies to help victims of Hurricane Katrina located in the Pascagoula, Mississippi, area. Below is a list of the items being collected:

  • Bottled water
  • Canned meat and vegetables
  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes

On Saturday, September 10, several men will load what was collected over the week on trucks and deliver them to the Grand Bay church of Christ, just 10 miles outside of Pascagoula. The brethren at Grand Bay have agreed to distribute the goods to families who need them.

If you would like to participate in this effort, bring any of the items on the above list to the Ashville Road church of Christ in Leeds, Alabama before September 10. Call 205-699-2447 for more information.


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  1. andy says:

    The 150 evacuees we were expecting to come to Maywood Christian Camp near Hamilton, Alabama, will not be coming after all. We had all the beds clothed and ready for their arrival today, but, for some reason, they chose not to come. All of these evacuees are members of the church of Christ which would work well with the day to day activities of the camp and its plans for the rest of the year.

    Since the camp was ready and those invited would not come, the camp director contacted FEMA to make the accommodations available, but FEMA said they would have to have armed guards on duty. This would not work well with the camp’s overall schedule, and the camp directors did not want the liability that was going to be presented by non-Christian guests.

    In the meantime, we have a truckload of toiletries, paper goods, food, bedding, personal hygiene products, and other supplies ready to be used by those who need such. They were prepared for Maywood, but since no evacuees will be there, the items will be taken to Indian Creek Youth Camp instead.

    The 6th Avenue church of Christ has rented Indian Creek for housing refugees for the storm devastated area. As of now, seventeen family units are on their way. The 6th Avenue leadership has told us at 9th Avenue here in Haleyville that they need our supplies. We are planning to take them to Indian Creek, south of Jasper, Alabama, sometime tomorrow (Wednesday).

  2. andy says:

    The 6th Avenue church is not working through FEMA. They are going directly to the people who are in need. These are not members of the Lord’s church, nor do they have to be Christians in order to receive aid. The law enforcement people of Jasper and Walker County will provide security for Indian Creek Youth Camp.

    Two congregations of the church of Christ have been hit really hard by Hurricane Katrina, yet they are working hard to provide aid and cmofort. The Bayou La Batre church in south Mobile County, Alabama, and the Long Beach church in Long Beach, Mississippi, have suffered a great deal. Long Beach had only six members out of 150 who could help to provide aid over the past weekend.

    The Hickory Knoll church of Christ in Harahand, LA, just a few miles outside of New Orleans was also devastated. This good congregation of 170 members also has a Spanish ministry, but, because of a lack of communications, half of the membership has not yet been heard from. The church members have lost their jobs as well as their homes.

    To render aid to the people of Bayou La Batre, Long Beach, and New Orleans, you may contact J.T. Harrison of the Central church of Christ in Saraland, Alabama, at (251) 510-1675.

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