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Written by Drew on August 24th, 2005

I just received a draft of the cover for my new book, Wisdom’s Call: A Study of Proverbs, and wanted to share it with you. It was designed by April Miller, who also did the cover of my last book, Make Your Stand.

Wisdom’s Call will be out soon. The study is laid out in thirteen chapters to accommodate class room instruction and is targeted for teenage and young adult audiences. Each chapter attempts to flesh out the practical wisdom revealed in Proverbs. The chapters are:

  • Introduction
  • The Beginning of Knowledge
  • Wisdom’s Call
  • Who Is a Fool?
  • Promises
  • Seven Things the Lord Hates
  • Opposites
  • Better Than the Mighty
  • The Power of the Tongue
  • How to Deal with an Enemy
  • Small, But Wise
  • Proverbs for Problems
  • A Virtuous Woman

I will let you know when Wisdom’s Call becomes available. Right now we are busy proof-reading the text and removing all the typographical errors.


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